Sunday, December 11, 2011

SmartBro WiMax VIII: Smart Wrote Back

After a few days' wait, Smart responded to my email. A customer care attendant named Angie replied:

Dear Ms. Rafols,

Thank you for writing us.

Request for disconnection of your Smart Bro subscription is done
over-the-counter through any Smart Wireless Center branch. Here are the
requirements for Voluntary Permanent Disconnection (VPD):

- Completion of the contract or settlement of the applicable
Pre-Termination Fee (PTF) if still within contract computed as: Monthly
Service Fee x number of remaining months under lock-in period

- Settlement of outstanding balance
- Completely filled-out and signed form for the said request
- Valid ID of the registered subscriber

You may also send a representative to transact on your behalf with the
following documents:

- Letter of Authorization (signed by the subscriber)
- Photocopy of the subscriber's valid ID
- Representative's original valid ID

Meantime, we have forwarded request to our support group for waiving of
Pre-Termination Fee. Please note, that this is still subject for
approval. We will advise you of any updates once we received feedback
from our support group.

Should you require assistance on other matters, Ms. Rafols. Please
write us again.


Customer Care

I told her that I was looking forward for the pre-termination fee to be waived and said (again) that the internet's too slow even during the dawn.

Please help me pray that I get this internet subscription disconnected before the year ends without having to pay anything other than my outstanding balance.

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  1. hello, can you help me with this, i am having problem with my smart wimax, ive been using this for 4 months now and i want to terminate it as well. what will I do? i dont want to pay termination fee.