Monday, July 4, 2011

Massage at Let's Face It (Trinoma)

It was the first time in years that I had a massage. Since I was on a budget (after shopping for a few shoes and clothes), plus I was near Let's Face It, I decided to try their body massage. Yes, they have body massages - Swedish, Shiatsu, and Combination - but they are more known for their facials.

Anyhoo, since I knew I was stressed, and a wee bit not feeling too well because of my headache, I decided to overcome my shyness (yes, I am shy) and approach the receptionist and asked her how much would a Swedish massage cost. She told me that it depended upon the oil used, and then proceeded to show me a list of prices for each oil.

There were three oils and one cream on the list. Since I was meeting my boyfriend after my massage for dinner, I chose Relaxing Massage Oil because the list said that it had lavender scent. The massage package included a shower before the massage (optional), a drink - iced tea or ginger ale, and of course, the 60-minute Swedish massage.

The receptionist asked me for my choices and also for the body part I want the masseuse to concentrate on. After telling the receptionist that I will have a shower before the massage, have an iced tea afterwards and for the masseuse to concentrate on my back, she told me to sit down and wait. After almost fifteen minutes, the masseuse called me and told me that the shower was ready.

I was first taken to the private massage room so that I could change into a bathrobe. It was a small room with a large mirror beside the massage bed and in the corner was a sink with a candle beside it. It had a peaceful ambiance to it because of the dim light and the candle. The masseuse showed me where I could put my things. Unfortunately, it was only under the bed - there was no locker, which was a bit dismaying, but since I really had to take that shower, I had no choice but to leave the safety of my stuff to luck.

After getting into the bathrobe and putting on the shower cap, I went to the shower room. Again, only one person could use the shower at a time so it was comfortable for me. Their shower was normal, although I kinda liked the shower head because it was huge and it felt like I was under the rain while taking a shower. What dismayed me was the soap in there seemed like it was already used, so I did not use it.

Showering done, I went back into the massage room. Only a few seconds passed before the masseuse knocked and went into the room only after I responded, which was really polite of her. She then instructed me to lie face down on the bed with my robe off, and covered me with a towel, and the massage started. No disposable underwear was handed to me though, so I had to use my own. The room was quite small, that she had a hard time stretching my extremities.

After the massage I was given the iced tea and a hot mini-towel to get the oil off, and was left alone to relax for a while, but since it was a bit cold in the room, and I had somewhere else to go, I left almost immediately.

Overall, I was quite satisfied with the massage, but since I actually could hear the noise from outside, I was not really relaxed. In the numerical sense, ranging from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest:

- Massage = 7.5
- Service = 8
- Ambience = 5.5
- Security = 3
- Temperature = 4 (It was cold)

1. BYOS (Bring Your Own Soap), if you want to have a shower before the massage.
2. BYOU (Bring Your Own Undies), if you don't want to be stark naked during the massage.
3. Ask for an extra hot towel. This is because of the hot towel they gave me easily became cold since it was quite cold in the room.

Here's Let's Face It's (that's a lot of apostrophes) website if you're interested.


  1. nice review miss.
    What is their price for the whole body massage?

  2. Thanks! I don't remember how much I paid for but I don't think it reached P500. :)