Friday, July 8, 2011

David Archuleta Manila 2011 Concert Tickets

So, today I won two tickets, that's without effort, to David Archuleta's concert. FemaleNetwork, through their Facebook page, held the contest. The first 5 people who commented the correct channel bringing David to the Philippines wins two tickets. I'll be selling the tickets to a friend though. :)

I was the 3rd one to answer correctly. Carlo was disqualified because he worked for :)

For info on the concert, call 911-5555 or visit TicketNet.

*** Update: I'll be getting the PATRON tickets this Friday!


  1. congrats! too bad you won't be watching, I would love to watch him again =)

  2. Thanks! Sayang, you should have joined :)

  3. Hi! I also won David Archuleta tickets. Tingin mo what seat kaya yun? Haha. My friend wants to buy it kasi kaso I don;t know kung anong seat since wala naman sinabi. :)

  4. Hi Beya! I saw your name nga there! Yay! :) We have the same problem, I guess we'll know it tomorrow sa email ni Liana. Hopefully they're good seats - upper A would already be fine. :)

  5. Ticket redemption was hell-ish. Will blog about it later when I get home.