Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Hanging Out at The Fort

So here I am blogging in the middle of the night because I'm still wide awake. Thank God it's a holiday today, so no work later. :) I've been so busy it's been more than a month since I last posted something. Ugh. So I'm doing this just for the heck of it.

I actually just came home with a meet up with some of my former teammates/officemates at The Fort. It was my first time to hang out there at night, and it was actually nice, if not for the fact that it was difficult to get out of there if you don't have a car, like I don't. Bummer.

But that's another story. 

We met up at Rue Bourbon, a bar and restaurant at the Burgos Circle. Ambience was bar-like, and the place was really small and dark - that's why I don't have any photos.

One couldn't really consider it a restaurant because it was hard to eat with the high chairs and dim lighting. It's really more of an honest-to-goodness beer pub.

I tried their Mojito, but since I am not really a fan, I didn't get to finish it, and ordered another drink instead: Raunchy Root Beer Float - one of their new drinks.

I was not sure if it had alcohol in it, I didn't feel anything after drinking it up; but since it was put in a small glass, I assumed it had a little alcohol. It was a bit on the sweet side. You could really taste the cherry. It did not have ice cream on it too. Instead it had whipped cream with a dash of cinnamon powder and a piece of cherry on top. Yeah, now I'm pretty sure it had alcohol in it.

After that we went to Coffee Bean (still at Burgos Circle) to have coffee and have a little chit-chat, which went on until 12AM. Which explains why I'm still awake, but now getting sleepy as I end this post. Good night. :)

Note: This is NOT a review. :-p