Sunday, July 10, 2011

Shoulder Pain

My right shoulder, actually the area between my neck and shoulder, suddenly got painful while we were hearing mass earlier. I was not carrying anything, nor was my boyfriend's arm on my shoulder. It feels like the pain is in the joint or the bones. It actually hurts less now but it's still pretty painful when I move it. I sure hope this is just muscle strain.

I tried the Everyday Health Symptom Checker (although this is not to be a substitute for a real doctor). After answering a lot of questions, here is the result:

Looks like I need to see a real doctor after all. But! I'll observe it first if it's still painful in the next few days.

*** Update: Shoulder is no longer painful! Yey!


  1. Hope your shoulder feels better in the coming days. =)

  2. Thank you! It feels better now :)