Saturday, January 21, 2012

Smart Has Sold My Account To Their Trusted Collecting Agency

I can't believe this. In the middle of negotiating about the waiver of my pre-termination fee for the Wimax internet connection I have stopped using on the 3rd week of December 2011, Smart has went behind my back and sold my account to a collecting agency. And here I was waiting for them to process my request and reply to my email messages.

They already called the house this morning and my brother was the one whom they talked to and they said that they were a collecting agency.

Now I know who the freak is calling me up during office hours without even texting first if he/she should call. Different numbers starting with 0948110- ring my cellphone without any hesitation at all. However, I don't answer numbers not in my phonebook, so best of luck to you bastos people out there. I'm not hiding, just at least have the decency to text first diba? I reply naman e. Plus I answer as soon as you let me know who you are and why you need to talk to me, through text or email. Bastusan kasi e.
Anyway, I sent an email again letting them know that I know that my account is with a collecting agency already, and I cc'd my contact at the NTC. Smart, just disconnect my account already and I will gladly pay for my ***USED*** balance, that is, 2 weeks from last December 2011.