Saturday, July 16, 2011

David Archuleta 2011 Concert Ticket Redemption

***Disclaimer: The content you are about to read is based on my understanding of what happened yesterday. No one from Summit Media that is included in this entry was directly quoted. I am also open for corrections and justifications. Thank you.


Yesterday was the day we were scheduled to claim our tickets for the David Archuleta concert on Monday. I was expecting it to take a few minutes only. Instead, this happened:

Around 2PM - We reached the office of Summit Media (Robinsons Cybergate Tower 3)
After a few minutes - The guard told us to come back at 5PM for the ticket release. Since Forum Robinsons was literally just around the corner, we decided to stay there to pass the time.
2:30PM - I received a text message from a certain Sheh, who works at Summit Media, telling me to return at 5PM. A little too late for this text, isn't it?
4:30PM - We went back to Summit Media.
5PM - Nobody bothered to inform us about the tickets.
5:30PM - I tried texting Sheh to ask her if the tickets are already there. After a few minutes, she texted back, telling me that the tickets aren't there yet, and that it would be best to get it on Monday. Since I possibly could not make it on Monday, I just waited, thinking that maybe at least this Sheh would inform us personally about the tickets.
6PM - Sheh finally showed her face, and apologized for the delay. She told us that the messenger of ETC is on his way, and will take 20mins to reach Summit Media. She also implied that it was not her fault.
6:20PM - Still no sign of the messenger. No sign of Sheh wanting to talk to us either. We can actually see her cubicle from the lobby, and she didn't even look at us.
Around 7PM - No sign of the messenger. This guy beside my boyfriend is already obviously frustrated. He already raised his voice and even cursed in front of the guard. Sheh still not getting up from her cubicle to talk to us. The guard told us that the messenger was near the office already.
7:30PM - People were getting frustrated by the minute.
8PM  - Finally the messenger appeared. They took a few minutes to receive the tickets, and gave them to us. We boarded the elevator but then we noticed that the tickets were LOWER BOX instead of PATRON. So we went back up.
8:30PM - Ingrid, I guess one of the supervisors, talked to us. She told us that Summit Media is not actually responsible for the incident, since they were told by Solar Entertainment that they would be given PATRON tickets. She said she talked with Solar Entertainment and they said that all tickets were downgraded. Ergo, they could not do anything about it, and will just give our info to Solar Entertainment for them to be able to make it up to us by giving us free stuff. We went home dismayed and tired. I was even late for dinner with my college barkada.

Opinions and Lessons Learned
1. Summit Media should not have held the contest in the first place since the tickets weren't on hand. Also, they shouldn't have scheduled ticket redemption, knowing that they did not have the tickets yet. Or they should have updated us at least through email if the tickets were already there.
2. Sheh of Summit Media should have shouldered her responsibility to talk to us immediately, and not let the guards be her representative. The first time the guard talked to us, I could not help but be insulted because he was not the one we should be talking to, because it was not his job nor responsibility to do so. She should also have updated us continually about the tickets. She also should not have implied that ETC was to blame.
3. Ingrid shouldn't have implied that she was blaming Ovation Productions. She also should have asked us first if we were willing to give our info to Solar Entertainment.

I'm not so sure if I want to join another contest held by them now. Or maybe I should at least ask first if the prizes are already with them. Also, I don't think that Solar Entertainment or Ovation Productions should take the blame, unless they actually put Summit Media in duress to promote the David Archuleta concert immediately.

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