Thursday, December 1, 2011

SmartBro WiMax Review VI: Modem Problems Again

So I think my Motorola CPEi 23825 is broken. As you might remember, this is the second modem I got from Smart in a very short span of 3 months. They replaced my old modem of the same model because the tech supp couldn't figure out what was wrong with it.The new one right here has a different problem though: it couldn't get past the initialization stage, where the 3rd LED just keeps blinking. Different from the problem I had with the old one.Anyway, I'm about to write a letter addressed to Smart concerning all my past problems and that which is bothering me now, hoping that it would be enough to have them waive the pre-termination fee. I'm also prepared to bargain with them to just transfer my contract to another service as long as they agree to waive the pre-termination fee of my wimax subscription.I'm tempted to just ignore this and not pay for the remaining months but I don't want any legal stuff under my name so I'll just bring the modem in this weekend and be patient enough. *sigh*

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