Monday, December 19, 2011

SmartBro WiMax X: Smart's Response on SIM Card Only Plan Migration

Apparently my suggestion for WiMax to SIM Card Only plan migration was not approved, and I'm back to square one - waiting for the approval of the pre-termination fee to be waived.

I'm not so sure if they are really processing it, and I am losing patience. It's been two, almost three weeks since my request. I've been really, really patient with them and professional. Tell me, does it really take THAT long to process such a request? I know for a fact that SmartBro WiMax in Luzon has been their problem for awhile now, due to their faulty modem. I have my sources. Even one former celebrity (hence, VIP) has been submitting a similar complaint with mine.

I already told them that this December will be the last month I pay for that internet connection until my request gets approved, and I'll pay it in full (monthly fee of P799), even though I have not used it for two to three weeks already.

I CC'd NTC with my latest reply to Smart; hopefully they read the email trail and see how unfair and slow Smart's service is. I'm really disappointed.

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