Wednesday, December 7, 2011

SmartBro WiMax Part VII: New Modem

I have a new modem. Or so I think it is. I'm testing it right now. No, I'm not using it to post this entry. I'm still using my phone's 3G connection.

The modem seems to be fine, aside from it takes awhile to find a decent signal. Forget about the internet speed. At this time, it's really




slow. I-can' And it restarts ever so often.

This thing has 1-year warranty. Although I'm giving it a month or two to die. I was hoping that there wasn't any extra unit in the Smart Wireless Center so that I had grounds to terminate, but it seems like they have an endless supply of modems. Or maybe they're just recycling the old ones.

Anyway, this is another chance for Smart. I hope they come through this time.


  1. Just love it when you said "I'm giving it a month or two to die...but it seems like they have an endless supply of modems"... I was just wondering ms. curvy if an IP CAM is possible to be viewed remotely with smart wimax internet not having a public ip address as it is some type of wireless LAN just a different ip address from a usual any ideas of possibly getting to view my IP CAM through my existing ISP (smart wimax)Thank you! hoping to hear from you soon. I'm really enjoying reading your blogs!!! 

  2. Hi erocaide, I haven't tried using an IP Cam so maybe you would want to ask an expert. Hehe. Thanks for visiting!