Thursday, August 25, 2011

Train Commuting Pet Peeves

I don't have a car. Well, we have a family car but I don't drive and we don't have a driver (if you don't count my brother hehe), so I have no choice but to commute.

Just recently I was assigned to a new project. New project = new client = new location. Fortunately for me, the client's office is pretty much near our house. However, this project entails me to know stuff, which results to me needing training. This training happens to be in Makati, which means that I had to ride the train.

So, after 3 days of the train experience once again, I've observed certain things that I hate about riding the train.

1. Getting in the train without much effort - because of all the shoving and pushing. A woman even made me leverage so that she would not be shoved as much, but then I wouldn't be much help because I WAS WAY SMALLER THAN HER. >.<

2. Ladies/Women who wear too little - sleeveless, backless, everything suffixed with -less. Super short shorts and skirts are also a no-no. Girls, you are upping your risk of contracting skin frakkin' diseases. Also, if you already have one of those diseases, we - the people who wear much more - are also at risk.  Plus the sweat, my gosh. I don't want your underarm sweat on my arm or cheek! Can you imagine? Eek. At least wear a cardigan over that tank top.

3. People who hug/put their face on the vertical handrails. Can I say, eew? I mean, hundreds, if not thousands, of people put their dirty hands on that tube of metal, and you have the courage to put your f-a-c-e on it. Come on. Plus I don't have something to hold on to, so move.

4. People who have something to hold on to - except their balance. Please, please, please don't rely on the handrails for your balance. The person at your back, who's not holding on to anything, hates you more than anything right now.

5. Tall people who use shorter people as their tables. Come on, we have our stuff to carry, we don't need the additional weight.

That's my list. Or at least what I remember. Anyway, tomorrow's the last day I ride the train (at least for now), so yay for me! :)


  1. Good points.  Riding the MRT on rush hour really is a hassle.  =(

  2. as much as i can i avoid riding the train with that much people. :p

    bumped into you through, GT, sis. and followed you through GC. ;)

  3. yay! thanks sis :)