Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cutex Nailcolor Review

I wanted to try the more expensive nail polishes, to see how they would fare with the cheaper alternatives, that's why last Monday, I decided to try Cutex. Since it's P109.75, it's still cheaper than the other imported nail polish brands, although they have small bottles. I guess that is enough for me since I don't know if I can use up a big bottle.

I first chose a plain purple color, but then I saw this one:

Indie Glow
It's not obvious in the photo but this nail polish is like a swirl of different colors.

Applying it was fairly easy, although the polish easily thickened once exposed to air. I had to shake the bottle a few times every one to two nails.

Two good things about this polish: no bubbles and streaks! Or have I just become better at applying nail polish?

A tip though: don't apply this too thin, else you'll end up with bald spots. After all, it dries quickly so no worries!

Compared to cheaper nail polish brands (those P35 and below), Cutex is much, much better. Applying it took me half the time I used to take when using other nail polishes. Looks like my nails  found a new best friend. Aww. :p

What it looks like when applied on the nails:

It looks grey-ish right? But it seems to change in color depending on the lighting and angle. Sometimes there are green specks, sometimes yellow, or purple. I wish I could show you but I just used the iPhone camera. Anyway, why don't you try it yourself? :)

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  1. I like cutex. I like that it comes in small containers lang. Honestly, who finishes a whole bottle of nail polish.

    It dries up before you even reach half of it.