Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Beware of YM Hacker

A friend, J, told me about this yesterday. She has not opened her YM for weeks and yet *she* managed to chat up another friend of hers a few days ago. Her friend told her that it was about finding 5 people who have IQs higher that 110. I advised her to change her password.

Awhile ago I also experienced this. A college acquaintance suddenly said Hi through YM. Not wanting to be rude, I responded, and the following conversation ensued:

I did not click the link the hacker sent me. Instead, I deleted and blocked this contact of mine. I could not warn him because I did not have any other means of contacting him, sorry. I also changed my password immediately.

You have been warned. :)


  1. omg! thanks for the warning. I've been a victim of that 4 years ago. The style that the hacker used was called "phishing". My account got hacked and had been asking money from my friends! Someone even gave him 14k! my god, I still cringe whenever I remember that.

  2. Ayun! I forgot the term. Thanks! Wow I hope that hacker already got his/her karma.

  3. Thanks for the warning ArciPol. Nangyari to sa old YM ko. I just changed the password.
    Cha, grabe yung 14k ha?

  4. Thanks for the info!  This is scary.  Mind if I post it in my Scams 101 blog?  Link to your post, of course.

  5. Thanks!  Will link back to this post.  =)

  6. No problem :)