Sunday, August 14, 2011

Drugstore Asking for Prescription for OCPs

For the past few months, this certain leading drugstore has been asking ladies who buy oral contraceptive pills (1) if they have been using the OCP for some time already, and (2) to bring the prescription next time.

The first time I encountered this, was at a mall in Ermita, Manila. This female pharmacist asked the same things from me, but seemingly more judgmental than the next times I bought from the other branches. It felt like she was disapproving of women who use OCP because of the way she looked at us (there were two of us buying OCPs at that time), and the way she handled our orders.

I was thinking, what the heck does this person know about me to treat me like trash just because I was buying a box of OCPs? I mean it's not that I use it for its actual purpose. I use it because I have PCOS, and OCPs are used to somehow treat it, and she should know that because she is a freaking pharmacist.

Sorry for the rant. Anyway, I decided to never buy my pills from that branch ever again. After all, their service is so slow that you have to stand there for about 30 minutes just to get your order taken. But that's another story.

The following times I just bought OCPs in a mall at North EDSA. Both times a male pharmacist handled my order, asked the same things, but without the judgmental-slash-disapproving look in their faces.

It's still disturbing though, that they ask those things when the drug is supposed to be over-the-counter. My OB did not even give me a prescription because it is OTC. It bothers me that other people have to hear what I answer when the pharmacists ask, "Matagal na po bang ginagamit?" (Have you been using this for some time already?) and then they never ask for what purpose. Whenever I experience this, I get certain looks from people at the drugstore. Every time I buy my pills now, I get anxious. It's torture.

Does anybody know why this drugstore is doing this?


  1. Let me just say that the pharmacist is a moron.  Doesn't she know that OCP's are OTCs (Over the counter drugs)?  And secondly, on her being judgmental about it shows her to be a narrow-minded idiot that she is.  Dapat sinabi mo sis "Miss, wag ka magpahalata na bobo ka.  It's showing kasi eh."  

  2. I think management of the drugstore told their pharmacists to ask those things to customers. I just don't know why. I wonder if the owners are devout Catholics, and if this has something to do with the RH Bill.

  3. My sis-in-law experienced the exact same thing here in Cavite.  Bet you both went to the same drugstore.  Maybe the owners are anti-RH bill advocates.  =)

  4. I think so too. They shouldn't have entered the drugstore business if they're going to be judgmental and petty.

  5. Even is you're using it for THAT purpose... So what? Why are they asking kaya, it's not like they can do anything after asking 'matagal na bang ginagamit'

    These are prescribed din to people with acne, to regulate the hormones.

  6. Ayun nga e, they are pharmacists, not regular salespeople, they should know.

    Another point is, even if it was prescribed, if "matagal nang ginagamit", it's possible that you've already lost the prescription. And really, OB-GYNs don't give out prescriptions for OTCs kasi nga OTCs e. Ansakit lang sa ulo ng logic nila. :(

  7. buti di ko pa naexperience to.

  8. That lady pharmacist ought to be sacked for being so judgmental and above all, unprofessional. She should know better.