Sunday, May 6, 2012

French Mani in Black, Etc.

So today I tried three different manicures.

First was the Christmas-y glittery green Bobbie Lush with Bobbie Candy Cane as top coat. Yes, I love Bobbie Candy Cane, that I try it with every nail polish color. Heh.

Since I'm not really a "green" person, I tried Caronia Cashmere (my sister's). It's a nice color for morena's like me. :)

But then I got bored and wanted to try french manicure. I tried applying Chic Love Orchid on the Caronia Cashmere but it was a mess. Sorry, no photos.

I gave up and had the idea of a black and clear french mani. First attempt! Surprisingly, my mani on the right hand looks better than my left. Heh.

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