Friday, April 27, 2012

Crazy About Nail Polish

...And I'm back. After a few weeks on hiatus, I decided to do an entry due to boredom. And due to someone who cussed me in the comments (which I marked as spam in Disqus immediately) in one of my SmartBro entries.

I don't know what his/her problem was, I'm not even affiliated with Smart. Oh well. Maybe he didn't understand English, since he didn't get that I've had my account disconnected because of unsatisfactory service. I've already blacklisted him.

Anyway, what I really came here for was for these:

Caronia Tahiti Brown and Bobbie Candy Cane (which added the glittery effect on my ring finger)

San San Blush Pink and Bobbie Candy Cane

Bobby Kohl and Bobbie Candy Cane

The past few days I've been cray-cray about nail polish. All of them are actually old nail polish (the Bobbie ones are my sister's LOL), except for the Caronia Tahiti Brown which I bought just last week.

I love the effect Bobbie Candy Cane has done to plain colored nail polish, and my favorite is the one I'm wearing now (3rd photo).

Quick review on the Bobbie nail polishes: Even though these are already a few months old, they haven't thickened yet unlike other nail polishes I know, Plus they dry easily once applied. The brush is too thick for me though. I took longer to clean up than the actual application of the polish. :p

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