Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Burger Project

My friends and I met up yesterday to eat at The Burger Project in Maginhawa Street, near Teacher's Village, in Quezon City.

What's special about this newly-renovated burger place is that you can create your own burger and name it as well.

To order, you have to get a form (my friend, Yugs, calls it an "application form") from the cashier and you tick the items you want.

If you're too lazy to concoct your own or don't want to experiment, they also have their own "designer burgers", which I can't list herw because I was too hungry to take a photo of the form.

They also have basic side dishes - fries and onion rings among them - but my friends Jons and Krista attests to the yumminess of their mozzarella sticks. Sadly, those weren't available when we ate there.

Of course, there are also beverages. There's your basic softdrinks, soda float, and their milkshakes. Jons does not recommend the blueberry shake though, because it tastes like ube. We don't like their whipped cream because it tastes a little sour.

The Burger Project also has a special burger every month which they call "Burger of the Month". For April, it's the "Monzztarella Burger".

Sorry I didn't get to take photos. Hehe.

You can find The Burger Project at Maginhawa Street, a few steps near Cha Dao. :)


Update on SmartBro WiMax: I finally got the waiver of pre-termination fee and got it disconnected. Yay!

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