Sunday, May 6, 2012

Team Santiago vs Team Tulfo

So I just heard about the brawl that happened earlier at NAIA 3 among Raymart Santiago's group and Mon Tulfo. I know, late.

Anyhoo, I searched for the footage of this fight and it was clear that Raymart started it, even if their camp says different. In the heat of things, maybe they didn't realize that someone was already taping their performance.

If I were to take sides, I would take Tulfo's. Why? He was only doing his job as a columnist/reporter and this is what he gets. After all, it was a public place. If I were him, I'd also take photos/videos of an actress lashing out on an airline employee.

Raymart, if Mr. Tulfo did give the first punch, where is your bruise to prove it? He's a big guy, and even for his age, I think if he threw a punch, it would be a hard one. And if he did punch you first, it would be a natural reaction for someone who's cellphone is being taken away from him by somebody he doesn't know, is it not?

And Claudine, since you were very concerned about your children seeing such violence, why did you partake in it? It was clear in the video that you had a shot at punching Mr. Tulfo and you took it. Enough drama.

For those who want to watch the actual footage of the brawl, here it is:

You can also watch the GMA 7 interview here.


  1. nakakatawa silang mag asawa. Kristiyano po kami. Right, Claudine.

  2. The video only shows the real colors of these actors.  Orocan kayo te!