Friday, October 14, 2011

Smartbro WiMAX Review V: Modem Problems

This morning my modem restarted suddenly. Now I didn't see any problem with it since I think it's a normal thing. However, I noticed that it could not find a signal, so I went ahead and checked it's control panel.

It turns out that it had hard-reset itself and now Smart's configuration (Security, Username, Password and Realm) is gone, so obviously it would not be possible to connect to Smart WiMAX internet. (I'm using my other internet connection now, btw).

I decided to call customer service despite the numerous claims that they sucked. I got a technical support rep in just one try. I then proceeded to tell him my story, and that I needed Smart's configuration to make the modem work. However, this happened:

  1. He asked me if the modem had "running lights", and told me that it was looking for a signal. He suggested that I reconnect the modem and wait for it to find a signal. Which is a stupid thing to suggest, by the way, since the modem does not have Smart's configuration, obviously IT WOULD NOT FIND A SIGNAL.
  2. So I asked him if it was possible for him to give me the configuration instead, but he told me that they don't cater to that request, and then proceeded on the "running lights" solution once again. This time I told him that I was actually an EcE and I at least knew the basic things about modems and how they FREAKING NEED the username and password from the freaking internet service provider for them to work. Actually, one does not have to be an EcE to know that! Nowadays, it's called "common sense".
  3. Again with the "running lights".
  4. When I asked him if I should just bring my modem to the wireless center, he actually was discouraging me to do so! He told me that what they do is the same with what the wireless center would do. It also seemed that he wanted to waste more of my time by lengthening the conversation. What, do they have a time quota for every call they get?
I'll be bringing my modem to the wireless center later, and hopefully they fix it as soon as possible.



When I had my modem checked at the wireless center, the customer care representative did not get to find out what was wrong with it, so she had it replaced with a new one, which I am using right now. She also did not have any idea about the username and password necessary for the modem to connect to the internet. The tech support was right about one thing though: that the wireless center customer care would do the same exact procedure he was asking me to do (although I've done it numerous times already, that's how I knew what was wrong), although of course as he was on the phone, he couldn't replace my modem, which the wireless center could do. LOL.

Tatagalugin ko na: Smart, pwede ba paki-update yung mga manuals ng mga customer service at technical support reps nyo para hindi sila nagmumukang tanga. At wag nyong pagmukaing tanga ang mga customers nyo, matagal nang gumagamit ang mga tao ng modem kaya kahit papano alam na nila yung basic troubleshooting. Nagsasayang kayo ng pampasweldo sa kanila, wala naman silang naitutulong sa mga customers.

Ok I'm done ranting. It's just so frustrating that the one thing that you need, you couldn't get because of stupid people. Anyway, I'm just glad I have a new modem. And now for the test drive.

Another update:

I can surf now! I was expecting the internet to be super slow at this time yet here I am updating my blog. So the modem was really the problem then. Or the base station. Since I have a new modem I also got a new serving site too. Hmm. Lemme ask my friend who works at Smart. :)


  1. Yo I'm also using DumbBRO Wimax! Very annoying nga yung mga walang kwentang customer service representative nila. Waste of time lang palagi pag tatawagan mo. Planning to switch to PLDT MyDSL this month.

    By the way, if ever you hard-reset the modem again, here are the needed details
    username : smart1_lancelot
    password : smart1_lancelot
    realm :

    Ultimo mga tao ng Smart hindi alam yan. Mga bobo talaga! Yan tuloy ang simpleng problema hindi ma fix kasi walang kaalam-alam.

    Smart Communications, your service really sucks! You need to rest in peace now and pave the way to whoever is deserving to be in your fucking place!

  2. ask ko lng po, yung skin nag ruruning lights din. sa isang araw more than 3 yta na beses? lagi na didisconnect tpos babalik. ano po kaya solution dito ?

  3. Hello, punta ka na lang po sa Wireless Center, dalhin mo modem mo para macheck nila :)

  4. hi ms. curvy, may problem po ako sa smart wimax ko. running lights na yung device for 3 weeks. As usual, hinde nakakatulong yung customer service nila. Gusto ko po i terminate to kaya lang may termination fee nga. help naman po

  5. ELP po, pag naglalaro po ako online games lagi nagrereset yung modern, at first kala ko isang beses lang, then after a minute reset nanaman, then another reset alit yung modern ano po gawin

  6. Hi, I really could not do anything about that. Please call customer service. I am not affiliated with Smart.

  7. Sir Help po what to do kung yung modern nakasagap ng signal pero reset ng reset lagi

  8. this is so informative. thank you. i'm having the same problem and until now my device is in fucking running lights. wew. thank You. i guess, i'd do the same of what u did. 

  9. Hi... im having a problem on my wimax too..pero hnd running lights..lht umiilaw pero ung middle lng ngbblink tas hnd ako mka connect s net for like a month..sbe ng smartbro ppltan daw nla modem ko pero mghnty daw ako ng 1 month T_T wla npo b ibang pwdng solution???? ni hnd q alam prob ng modem ko..

  10. Sira na yung modem mo. Kelangan talaga palitan.

  11. dude same issue here..less than a year pa yung subscription ko pero 3 beses na nangyari sakin yan..yung palaging solusyon ng smart center is palitan yung modem..walang kwenta yung customer service kasi yung alam lng gawin is ipapareset yung modem tapos pg hindi naayos for replacement na ng modem..parang 3 months lng ata nglalast isang modem..kaya pinadisconnect ko na wimax ko dahil walang kwenta device nla..ok pa naman sana connection ko kaso every 3 months nlng ba ako mgpapalit ng device?..hwag na..pinilit ko talaga na hindi ko babayaran yung early termination fee kasi wala din sila maprovide n modem ngayon dahil out of stock daw..kaya cgro out of stock kasi laging sira yung modem nla..hahaha

  12. got my motoroll modem for maybe about a 1yr na s akin...pst 9days ago di namin nagagamit pag bnubuksn namin s laptop or tablets nbabasa sya nalabas connected pero naka 'X''sign s signal d namn nagagamit wifi..yesterday i went personally s smart center they told me to wait for a call,,which is untill now nobodys calling me from smart services,,i was wondering masasayang n halos ang 1 month bill ko kc holy week na wla p ako nagagamit na matino s wimax n yun