Thursday, October 27, 2011

Recruiter Pet Peeves

I can't believe how some recruiters do their job here in the Philippines. Some of them can't seem to take a hint that they are already disturbing and/or harassing a potential recruit. Anyway, I've listed my biggest pet peeves, which are based on experience, from day one of my job-hunting days until the present:

  1. Calling during non-working hours. I mean, sure, I didn't have a job back then and I was eager to have one. I was a fresh graduate. But that doesn't mean you can call me up at 7 in the evening to conduct a phone interview! For most families, dinner is at 7PM so at least have the decency to call at a reasonable time! Sheesh. I can name at least two huge companies who do this, one still "makulit" after telling her that I couldn't possibly have the interview at that time, but I don't have proof and I don't want to be sued.
  2. Not sending an e-mail or text first and waiting for a response first before calling. At least wait for 30 minutes to an hour to get a response before calling. I don't understand why some recruiters are so hungry to get their quota that they become "bastos" and don't consider their prospect's situation first. I know of a few recruiters who email/text first. This actually happened to me earlier, at least three similar numbers called me (of course I didn't answer.) I reprimanded him/her through text, saying to at least send me a text or email before calling. I also declined the last call, and will keep declining until he/she learns to text.
Ok so I've got only two biggest pet peeves, some of their habits are kind of tolerable already. How about you share yours? No company name-dropping please. :)

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