Monday, October 3, 2011

Smartbro Wimax Review Part II

As promised, here's a photo of my WiMax modem:

Motorola CPEi 825

As you can see, I'm very fortunate to have good reception (the five signal lights on the left side of the modem are all lit). This with my room at the back of our apartment and surrounded by high walls. I hope this does not change though.

This is almost my 3rd day of testing the internet connection. It has been pretty stable most of the time, but as is expected with Philippine internet connections, there are "set" times when the connection is slow and/or intermittent. I've observed that this certain connection bogs down at around 6 or 7 PM until 11 PM. Unfortunately for me, those are the times I am most active online, although I don't really do heavy stuff; I just surf and also check my email.

Torrent downloading is definitely fast - fastest I've seen is 125kBps (multiple downloads); I don't do streaming so I haven't observed it, but I'll try it one of these days if I remember. :)


  1. hi how do you connect your pc to the modem? is wired?or pwede rin bang wireless na? and also pwede bang e connect yung other wifi capable divices like ipod touch or psp to have internet connection?

  2. Hi xcully! It's wired so you have to use an ethernet cable. What's wireless is how you connect to the internet only, not how you connect to the modem. For wifi, you'd still need a router. :)

  3. bumped into your blog while doing research.....wanted to ask if you unplug your pc ethernet cable from the wimax device and connect another pc using the same ethernet connection (a friends/or you spare pc) will it work/get the same speeds?