Tuesday, October 30, 2012


I was not going to blog about this since this only happened once and so long ago, but because it happened again, I guess I should share this, also in time for Halloween.

Disclaimer: I don't really believe in these things. I'm actually the most rational person you'll ever know.

1995 - Way back in grade school. A classmate claimed to have seen me at the school quadrangle. He called me but I ignored him. I was in the library the whole time this happened.

2012 - Just last week. I decided to work from home one day. An officemate saw me sitting at my cube and she even tried to talk to me but I ignored her. Another officemate asked my seatmate in the afternoon if I went home already and she claimed to see me earlier. My seatmate denied seeing me of course, since she knew I was working from home.

So what do you think of this? I hope what happened is just a figment of their imaginations. :)

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