Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Confusing Treatment of Grass Residences Security Guards to Visitors

I went over to my boyfriend's family's condo unit after work to unwind, relax and have dinner. 

I was expecting a warm welcome from the security guards at the gate, since they already knew me because I went there quite often. Disappointingly, when I got to the gate, the guard asked me what unit I was going to, and if I was a visitor. After which, he told me to sign a log in sheet, asked me for an ID, and gave me a visitor's pass. 

I was carrying with me two huge paper cups of apple juice, plus the food I bought, which was heavy, and they had the nerve to have me wait at the gate while they confirmed if my boyfriend, who is in the unit, knew me. It took a few minutes to do that since they had to radio the guard at the condo, that said guard had to go up to the unit, and personally talk to the owner. After that, they had me go to the building, and surprise of all surprises, another guard had me log in to a piece of paper. Just. Wow.

A few questions popped to mind:

1. What is the freakin' use of the condo lobby if not for the visitors who wait for the person they are visiting?
2. What exactly is the use of the visitor's pass I obtained at the gate, and the log in sheet at the gate, if another log in sheet was waiting for me at the condominium door?
3. What is the freakin' use of the receptionist at the lobby of the condominium? Maybe Grass should just have her fired since the security guards already has her job covered.
4. Why the eff do I have to leave my ID at the gate, where it can get lost or wet from the rain, when there is a reception area at the lobby where visitors can leave their IDs? The guards couldn't even find it when I was leaving the area.
5. What the heck do the guards think they are guarding? I mean, I would understand if it's an office building, but a condo? Where people live and actually have visitors often?
6. And finally, what was the admin thinking???

Anyway, I asked the guard if there was a permanent visitor's pass since I go there often. Besides, I can't always leave an ID with them every freakin' time I visit. He said no. Hassle.

And so I'll just not go there again until they fix their "security" issues.

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